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Our Vision

SES Technologies is dedicated to the goal of providing high quality, energy efficient products and systems utilized to provide power from alternative energy sources in order to contribute to the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels. This goal will help further supplement proven emissions reducing practices and carbon credit programs. Our products and systems can operate either singly or as a connected series, while maintaining the ability to be rapidly deployed to areas of need. Our focus is to help supply and monitor clean energy for locations that have historically been inefficient at providing suitable means for clean energy generation. Initial focus areas include, but are not limited to the following; Ports and Marinas, Dense Urban Regions, Valley and Wind Sheltered Environments, Highly Polluted Areas, and Combat/Disaster Relief Zones.

By continuing to utilize new and efficient technologies, SES Technologies will combine and control multiple clean power generation inputs to harness available resources with minimal impact on the environment. These units, called Renewable Power Resource Stations (RPRS) are highly efficient, low maintenance, non-intrusive, and low cost. Stations can be used as viable stand alone power generation sources or linked together to supply clean, renewable power for almost any load requirement. Taking a smart-grid approach to wireless control and monitoring will allow stations to adapt to changing environments, fully utilizing inputs when they are most abundant. The unique ability to adapt and efficiently use all available resources creates limitless power generation potential for any location.